Overview Headline
Beauty balm or beauty blemish (BB) creams are making a comeback in the western cosmetic industry due to their versatility as a moisturizer for skin. The first version of a BB cream made its debut in the beauty world landscape of Germany in the early 1950s, and then became popular—as a "miracle cream" 30 years later in the Asian cosmetic market. BB creams are now being used in anti-aging creams as an effective carrier for dispersing the anti-aging agent to the skin, and providing the following benefits:

• Natural looking coverage
• Moisturizes/hydrates
• Nourishes/treats
• Provides sunscreen protection
• Improves skin texture

Natural Ingredients
Beauty balm creams are formulated with natural ingredients that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) in the general population. All natural ingredients in BB creams are proven to be safe and efficacious without testing in animal models.

An Alternate Approach
The addition of a novel anti-aging agent, such as Bonicel™, to BB creams provides an extra edge in making the skin appear healthy. Bonicel™ works together with the BB cream by providing the following additional benefits:

• Increases moisturization
• Improves elasticity
• Reduces the appearance of:
o Fine lines and wrinkles
o Under eye puffiness
o Roughness
o Pore size

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