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The use of facial scrubs is credited to the ancient Egyptians.  Tartaric acid in wines was used as a chemical exfoliant in the middle ages.  Exfoliation is achieved through either a mechanical or chemical process.  The process involves physically scrubbing the skin with an abrasive such as sugar crystals. With a chemical exfoliant the use of concentrated acids (i.e., salicylic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, etc.) are typically applied to the skin by a medical professional.  Scrubs using abrasives are convenient and more practical than using chemical exfoliants for a daily cleansing regimen.  The use of a scrub containing an anti-aging agent is attractive because added benefits are achieved:

  • Removal of dead skin
  • Smooth and glowing skin
  • Moisturizing/hydrating
  • Removing lingering facial oils or makeup
  • Anti-aging effect




Natural Ingredients

Scrubs are formulated with natural ingredients that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) in the general population. All natural ingredients in scubs are proven to be safe and efficacious without testing in animal models.


An Alternate Approach

The addition of a novel anti-aging agent, such as Bonicel™, to scrubs provides an extra edge in making the skin appear healthy. Bonicel works together with the scrub by providing the following additional benefits:


  • Increases moisturization
  • Improves elasticity
  • Reduces the appearance of:
    • Fine lines and wrinkles
    • Under eye puffiness
    • Roughness
    • Pore size

How to use Anti-aging Scrub

  1. Apply warm water to face.
  2. Wash face with anti-aging face scrub, and rinse with warm water (use wash cloth).
  3. Gently dry face.

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