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Overview Headline

Bonicel™, a novel anti-aging product, is produced by a natural probiotic based process.

Bonicel is first in its class to be approved by US regulatory agency as a GRAS (generally regarded as safe) product for human use. Clinical studies (non-animal testing) show that DNA markers associated with healthy skin were turned on when compared to control.


The Anti-aging products work at the DNA level by turning on genes related to healthy skin.


Natural Ingredients

All natural ingredients proven to be safe and efficacious without testing in animal models. The anti-aging product is for external use as a cream; however was recently approved for consumption as a food.

An Alternate Approach

Most anti-aging creams are superficial in that they act as a temporary band aid in making the skin appear healthy. Bonicel is long lasting in that it upregulates the genes associated with healthy skin, and decreases expression of a gene linked to protein degradation  associated with aging. 

Bonicelcan be formulated in creams as well as body/facial soaps for dermal treatment of the entire body.

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